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Join the Peer Recovery Partners Team

Join the Peer Recovery Partners Team

We are constantly building new relationships with new customers and need experienced PSS agents who can work from home and serve our customers but also be a good cultural fit. Starting your career as a certified Peer Support Specialist can be rewarding and allow you to work from home during the hours that work best for you.

Top talent is always in dire need especially remotely as our customers are throughout the United States. The breadth and depth of our talent pool are significant. We hire top caliber professionals. Over the years, we have built a reputation for exceeding our employees’ expectations, a trend we aim to continue. From our inception, we have understood that behind every great organization there are great people turning visions into reality.

“All effective Mental Health Treatments lead to peer support”

Our Story

After a dear family began to struggle with substance abuse, knowing who to turn to, became a top priority.

After visiting numerous treatment centers and taking the leap of faith, we realized that something was missing.

In the end…

…family support, sharing home cooked meals, long conversations into the night, and simply being there for our daughter cleared the road to recovery.

Have questions?

Our team is made up of dedicated customer service agents eager to answer any questions related to the service

They can be reached by calling 866-967-5519 or by email at

For questions related to your account, our knowledgeable staff can also be called at 866-967-5519 or by email at